Vollkorn now offers two new weights: Medium and Extrabold. SemiBold’s and Bold’s appearances were slightly adjusted for that. Italics equivalent. Use the following wheight values:“Regular” (400), New: “Medium” (500), “SemiBold” (600), “Bold” (700), New: “ExtraBold” (800), “Black” (900) new. Vollkorn Regular Italic. Vollkorn Medium Italic.


A font pair gives you go-to fonts to use for heading and body copy, which makes up the bulk of your written content. Font pairing helps to build your brand.

When combining two or more typefaces together, it’s important to find fonts that compliment each other, don’t conflict, and harmonize nicely with the overall design. Vollkorn Font Combinations & Similar Fonts · Typewolf Websites using the typeface Vollkorn with personal recommendations for similar web fonts, suggested font pairings and the closest free alternative. Best Free Online Tools For Font PairingWhen it comes to typography and finding the perfect font pairing there are some great free online tools for pairing up Vollkorn-font-combination. Spread the word.

Vollkorn font pairing

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2019-02-07 · Zilla Slab by Typotheque & Arsenal by Andrij Shevchenko via Google Fonts 8. Prompt & Lora Prompt by Cadson Demak & Lora by Cyreal via Google Fonts 9. Tenor Sans & Spectral Tenor Sans by Denis Masharov & Spectral by Production Type via Google Fonts 10. Vollkorn & Work Sans Vollkorn by Friedrich Althausen & Work Sans by Wei Huang via Google Fonts Se hela listan på designshack.net Lato. with.

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Useful Link: Mixfont, a modern AI-based font pairing generator These fonts are too similar to build a healthy relationship (Vollkorn and Roboto Slab) Serif and Sans Serif make a good pair (Vollkorn and Raleway) Sans Serif and Display fonts are looking great together (Raleway and Lobster)

Body: Vollkorn. Curated font pairings. Many sites have recommended Google Font pairings for web pages that you can use as a starter for making your own selections. Femmebot; Font Pair – use the links to see various combinations like Sans-Serif/Serif or Display/Serif; Type.io; Google Font recommended pairings Apr 18, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Ruslan Bezyaev.

Vollkorn font pairing

20 Feb 2021 Vollkorn is one of the few serif Google fonts you can use for headlines and body text. It's legible on smaller screens and has a variety of weights. Vollkorn is a serif font. It goes well with Lato, Open Sans, Montserrat, BonvenoCF, Source Sans Pro, Karla, Unica One and Gotham. If you're thinking about using  Pairing fonts is part technical and part intuitive process, just like art. Let's say that Serif and Sans Serif make a good pair (Vollkorn and Raleway). Sans Serif  19 Apr 2018 Choose the perfect match of Google font pairings for modern website designing.
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Woodford Bourne + Lato · 30. Yeseva One + Merriweather.

May 9nd 2018 (Friedrich Althausen) Vollkorn Version 4.105 Vollkorn Serif Font came into being as the first typeface design by Friedrich Althausen.
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That’s why you will see google fonts are being used everywhere on the web starting from websites to web apps even page builders like Elementor use google fonts as their main font library. So the question comes what google font combination should we use so in this article, I’ll show you some of the best Google font pairings according to me you can use to make your design even better.

01: Use font superfamilies. The easiest way to find perfect font pairings is by using different fonts within the same overarching typeface family. Font pairing style: Minimalist, Sans Serif + Serif Title font: Roboto Paragraph font: Lora Text color: RGB(179, 180, 184) Background color: RGB(128, 132, 141) Additional color(s): RGB(249, 249, 249) Summary.

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By having at least two separate fonts on your site, you can really change/intensify the feeling that the user gets by viewing your site. Below I have a couple of my favorite and frequently used pairs. I have linked the Google fonts to each font title below as well. Yanone Kaffeesatz & Playfair Display.

Vollkorn SemiBold Italic.